Biden Orders Oil Companies to Produce More After Democrats Pushed Oil Companies to Cut Production

During an appearance on Fox Business Network’s “Evening Edit” on Thursday,” Rep. James Comer (R-KY) called out the Democrats for inducing “whiplash” on energy policy after pushing oil companies to cut production just a few months ago, and now arguing to increase oil production after skyrocketing gas prices are hurting their poll numbers heading into the midterm election season.

Comer, a ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, called out Democrats on the committee for their actions in a hearing just a few months ago, where they pushed the CEOs of major oil companies to decrease production and commit to renewable energy, which has proven to be unreliable at the current time.

“Well, the Democrats in Congress must be having whiplash right now,” Comer said. “Because, just a few months ago, the Democrats had the oil executives in front of my committee, the House Oversight Committee, and asked them if they would pledge to cut production.”

The Kentucky Republican went on to point out that the Democrats are clearly just reacting out of fear of losing power. With gas prices hitting a record high of $5.02 per gallon as the country heads towards midterm election season, Democrats are seeing their poll numbers and fearing devastating losses. In a desperate attempt to fix the problem, President Joe Biden has come out and called on oil companies to increase production, while at the same time fighting in the courts to keep up a ban on oil and gas leases.

“Now, we have the president of the United States demanding that the oil companies increase production. So, I don’t think the Democrats really understand what’s going on here. All they know is they’re polling bad and the midterm elections are right around the corner. And they just got a wake-up call with that special election in Texas [on Tuesday],” Comer said, referring to the GOP special election victory in Texas’ 34th district, where Mayra Flores won a seat that has been held by Democrats for decades.