Biden Races To Enact Sweeping Regulations, Secure Legacy Ahead Of Election

As the specter of reelection looms and with Congress deadlocked, President Joe Biden is swiftly advancing a barrage of regulations to cement his legacy, bypassing congressional oversight. Facing a narrow window under the Congressional Review Act, Biden seeks to implement a slew of measures to bolster support among key constituencies and solidify his agenda.

In a race against time, Biden’s administration is rushing to promulgate regulations spanning various domains, from climate policy to healthcare access and labor rights. With only a limited number of legislative days remaining, Biden aims to circumvent congressional oversight and enact his desired reforms through executive action.

According to Politico, the new regulations are strategically crafted to appeal to demographic groups crucial for Biden’s political base, including young voters, labor unions and climate-conscious citizens. Among the focal points of Biden’s regulatory agenda are initiatives targeting corporate environmental impact, abortion and healthcare provisions for illegal immigrants.

In March, the Wall Street regulator introduced a rule mandating enhanced disclosure of carbon emissions and climate-related risks by publicly traded companies, signaling Biden’s commitment to appeasing climate change activists. Despite legal challenges, the Biden administration claims that such measures are pivotal in rallying support from younger demographics demanding robust action on environmental issues.

Addressing abortion, the Biden administration finalized rules in April aimed at shielding women seeking to terminate the life of their unborn children and shielding those who commit abortions from state-level investigations, invoking federal authority under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This move underscores Biden’s efforts to safeguard unfettered access to abortion amid mounting legal and political threats.

Furthermore, Biden seeks to expand taxpayer-funded healthcare coverage to illegal immigrants, particularly children of illegal immigrant parents, through measures such as granting access to Obamacare plans. By bolstering healthcare access and defending the Affordable Care Act, Biden aims to contrast his healthcare agenda with the purported dismantling efforts of his predecessor and potential successor.

In parallel, Biden’s administration is advancing pro-labor policies, including extending overtime pay guarantees and imposing fiduciary obligations on retirement investment sellers. Despite potential legal challenges, Biden’s regulatory push reflects his determination to shape policy outcomes outside traditional legislative frameworks, prompting concerns about constitutional constraints and legal scrutiny.

While Biden’s regulatory blitz may evade immediate congressional oversight, it is poised to face legal challenges from states, businesses, and individuals. Nevertheless, the expedited implementation of these regulations could mark a significant expansion of executive authority and reduction of individual rights, potentially reshaping key policy domains and impacting the American people’s freedoms.

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