Biden Rails Against Republicans Transporting Migrants To Democratic Cities

President Joe Biden on Thursday called out Republicans yet again for transporting illegal migrants from the border to Democratic-run cities. He said their actions were “reckless” and Un-American.”

Speaking to the Hispanic Caucus Institute Gala, which was celebrating the start of Hispanic Heritage Month, Biden told the gathering that GOP leaders are “simply wrong” to transport volunteers away from the southern border.

Biden declared that there is a “safe” process to manage migrants at the border. This despite the fact that hundreds have died in recent years attempting to make the crossing.

The president was reacting to news on Thursday that Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis flew a group of illegal migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. He also noted that GOP Texas Gov. Greg Abbott bused a group of migrants to Vice President Kamala Harris’ home in the nation’s capital.

Hours after the illegal migrants were dropped off at Martha’s Vineyard and in Washington, Biden said that Republicans are “playing politics” with people and treating them as “props” rather than human beings.

He also claimed that his White House is determined to fix the broken immigration system. Exactly how that is to take place is anyone’s guess at this point.

The president and his administration have made it a sport to claim that the border is “closed” when everyone can see that it certainly is not. On Thursday, Biden reiterated the position that there is an “effective process in place” to manage the thousands of migrants crossing the border.

He asserted that Republicans are interfering with the orderly handling of migrants by pulling “political stunts.” He also went back to his mantra that it is past time for Senate Republicans to return to the table and find a path to citizenship for “dreamers” and essential workers.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has bussed roughly 18,000 volunteers to Washington, D.C. New York City, and Chicago since April. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has sent another 1,800 migrants to Washington since May.