Biden Raises Some Eyebrows, Visits Big Donor During Chicago Area Visit

President Joe Biden is playing a game in the White House. If you donate to his campaign and finance him or his family, you get particular perks and press conferences surrounding your events and job sites, but you’ve ignored them if you don’t.

Biden decided to ignore Elon Musk’s all civilian SpaceX flight started under former President Donald Trump, but Biden went to visit the Clayco construction job site. The difference? Elon Musk isn’t a fan of Biden, and the Clayco chief donated $260,000 to Biden’s campaign. Do you see the bigger picture?

If only this were the first time, this happened. Biden bragged about Proterra and the electric buses that the company made and was selected for a virtual tour. According to CNN, Harris also toured a partner of Proterra, making it more of a direct push. If that doesn’t make you question the Biden administration, Proterra’s CEO Jack Allen was part of the U.S. Climate Summit that the Biden administration put on.

According to Yahoo, back to Clayco, the CEO is Robert Clark, who donated $1.6 million to Democrat campaigns in 2020. Of the $1.6 million, $133,600 was given directly to Biden’s campaign.

What are Americans supposed to think of Hunter Biden’s art sales when Joe’s doing this? He’s giving special treatment to donors who will inevitably work for the Democrat White House.

Clark also donated large sums during former President Barack Obama’s presidency. He was on the team that advised the Obama’s on holding up the integrity of furniture in the White House. What a surprise that Biden is following in Obama’s footsteps and doing things the same way. With this one, Biden doesn’t have a leg to stand on. He must take the heat for it. If history repeats itself, it will be covered up, and the liberal media will move on to the next story about Trump.

The visit was in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, where Biden spoke about Covid-19 safety and mandates. Biden couldn’t help himself from making sure to note the importance of workplace Covid-19 vaccination.

Coincidences aren’t an accurate representation of what Biden’s been doing anymore. Everything Biden has done so far has been very calculated and intentional. While regular Americans are forced to follow the rules of the rich, all of the elites meet together and plan out their next moves and how they can make sure they all get richer.

Interestingly, a wealthy man like Clark would even vote for Biden and continue his support when Biden wants to tax the top 1% of Americans. That would undoubtedly include Clark when you realize that the top 1% make $400,000 or more. I’m sure that the federal government will give Clayco a massive break on taxes because of the donations.

Clayco also does construction for the federal government. That should also give some ethical concern to the Biden administration. Nobody likes a corrupt politician, and the more we learn about Biden, the more we see how deep the corruption runs in his entire family.