Biden Requiring Transgender School Bathrooms For Federal Lunch Funds

The Biden administration has tied access to federal funding for school lunches and nutrition programs to a mandate that American schools must let boys use girls’ bathrooms. The U.S. Department of Education has confirmed that federal agencies are currently in the process of completing formal rulemaking to implement the requirement by next month.

Prior to the COVID-19 shutdowns, the National School Lunch Program provided meals for almost 30 million students every school day. Around 100,000 public and private schools participate in the program.

The new rules are expected to require that any facility accepting federal food funding must allow males who say they “identify” as female to use female-designated bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers. Schools will also be required to force staff to use “preferred pronouns” when referring to any person who expresses that desire.

Alliance Defending Freedom senior counsel Greg Baylor told The Federalist this week that religious schools are expected to be exempt from the new rules. He said that Title IX will allow such organizations to not be covered without filing additional paperwork.

Even though the law does not require filing requests, the USDA is reportedly telling schools to file applications for exemptions anyway.

Regular public schools will of course not be eligible for any exemptions. Local parents will be left to urge their local school boards to refuse to cooperate as the rules proceed through inevitable litigation in the courts.

Many parents have reported that their daughters refuse to use school bathrooms or locker rooms at school because they do not feel safe in them. As school districts around the country are actively promoting transgenderism and encouraging children to hide it from their parents, many girls feel that they have no one watching out for them inside schools.

The Biden administration has been emboldened in making good on its campaign promises to push transgenderism through all American institutions by a recent Supreme Court decision. The court ruled 5-4 in the 2020 Bostock v. Clayton County case that federal employment law included transgender persons in the classes protected from discrimination. That ruling was made possible through the vote of Trump-appointed Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Even though Bostock applies to federal employment law, the Biden administration is eagerly using the case as support for pressing anti-discrimination rules applying to transgenderism in as many areas as possible.

Baylor said that the country now needs school boards and administrators to stand with courage against the Biden administration’s interpretation of Title IX so that it is supported by the Bostock decision. Otherwise, schools will be faced with either allowing young girls to be abused or not feeding needy kids.