Biden Says He Was “Working Like Hell” This Weekend, Here’s What He Did

As President Joe Biden comes back from vacation in Wilmington, Delaware, he says that he’s working like hell. If that’s the case, what is Vice President Kamala Harris doing?

Dodging reporters is a tough job, as you saw after breakfast, reporters raced in to ask the president if he enjoyed his breakfast. Breaking news must be hard to find in Wilmington. It seems like everyone in the government is working besides Biden. Press Secretary Jen Psaki is taking Biden’s questions for him and isn’t doing a great job at it. Psaki explained today that Biden would be traveling to Elk Grove, Illinois, to meet with private and public sector employers who have enacted Covid-19 vaccine mandates. The story behind that is that Biden will only meet with people who follow his orders.

Maybe if Americans followed the rules, Biden would come out and speak to us, or perhaps we need to yell “Olly Olly Oxen Free” so Biden knows it’s safe to come out of hiding.

Under a year as president of the United States, Biden and Harris have managed to screw things up in unimaginable proportions. The only thing Biden wants to micromanage is the Covid-19 vaccine mandates and when he can get ice cream.

Biden went to Delaware for the 21st time during his presidency. He told the press that there’s an awful lot in the trillions of dollars of spending that Americans don’t know about. What Americans have seen hasn’t been great. The infrastructure bill is a spending spree and also a tax plan that Americans will have to pay. The idea that the trillions of dollars will cost nothing isn’t accurate, and the $.08 per mile tax included in the 2500 pages of nonsense is proof.

Biden said that “Biden’s gonna work like hell” and the bills passed and that he’s been on the phone with Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) to get them on board with the other Democrats to pass the bills. The Democrats have been mocked quite a bit over the last week to include an activist following Sinema into the restroom and filming the interaction between the two. The activist tried to persuade Sinema into passing the bills. That’s a felony, by the way.

Biden also claimed that over 70% of Americans are for the individual elements of the bills. That’s funny that Biden thinks that Americans have been asked about the substance of the bills and if they should be passed. You couldn’t convince someone that Biden himself has read the bills, much less the American people.

Biden is also hoping that Republicans won’t be so irresponsible to filibuster raising the debt limit. Still, he needs to understand that Republicans and some Democrats aren’t comfortable raising the debt limit at this time. Otherwise, it would have already passed, but Republicans aren’t allowing that to happen so quickly. Republicans and most Americans aren’t happy with the Democrat’s actions, especially Biden’s mandates in his short time as President of the United States and especially Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan and southern border crisis.