Biden Secretly Sent Government Emails To Hunter

During his vice presidency, at the time of President Obama, Biden had a personal email account that he used to send information regarding the State Department Information to his son Hunter. It is an illegal act on the part of the vice president. He is claimed to have done that on the advice of then US secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The email [email protected] has been confirmed by the officials to be used by Biden. “Just The News” has covered this story stating that it was required of Biden to share all his emails to the Government, and according to the information obtained from Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, The White House tried to secure Hillary Clinton of the blame.

According to Hunter, emails from “robinware456” were purely business matters. His father broke the Presidential Records Act by sending him an email concerning O’Connor’s release from detention in Turkey. He was accused of destroying the country’s antiquity by buying an ancient sword. The unity of the autocratic media infrastructure and the evil media establishment saved Biden from impeachment. Otherwise, Hunter’s drive would have wreaked havoc on his candidacy.

Biden was made to abide by the law and present the Government with all of his records of emails. It will only be possible next year, under the Presidential Records Act, to know what other emails were sent. What that would reveal is yet to be seen.

There is something that came to light during Obama’s presidency, which later got more visible during Trump’s presidency and is still in the limelight as America is divided into two parts. One being democratic and the other being a republic, both seem to have their own rules. And the only way both can survive is through despotism.