GOP Senator Claims Biden Has Given In To Putin On Energy Independence

Before President Joe Biden was elected, the United States was oil independent. That’s extremely important to note as Biden asks OPEC to pump more oil to the U.S. and gas prices start to rise. That wasn’t necessary, and it could be stopped.

In the summer, Biden waived sanctions on Russia, and the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline continued. It meant that Russia was sending oil to the United Kingdom and other parts of the area. While that doesn’t necessarily sound like a negative thing, Biden also stopped the Keystone XL Pipeline in the U.S. and stopped the Willow Project in Alaska, which would have given the U.S. 590 million gallons of oil over 30 years. That’s good considering the federal regulations the U.S. has for their oil production compared to other countries.

Senator John Barrasso (R-WY), the Republican leader of the Senate Committee of Energy and Natural Resources, went after Biden over his surrender to Russia. Barrasso told Fox News that Biden would surrender the U.S. energy independence and become an energy-dependent nation. It isn’t surprising, Biden dealt with world leaders as vice president, and when it came to Ukraine, some shady things were going on with their prosecutor and his son, Hunter Biden. It’s worth noting because Biden’s actions in the coming months are going to have to be watched with a close eye.

“Well, tomorrow Biden will be in Glasgow, Scotland, to waive the white flag of surrender. He is surrendering our energy dominance for becoming an energy-dependent nation. He’ll be surrendering our energy wealth for energy weakness, and I, you know, you outlined it. The Keystone Pipeline, blocking Alaska production, blocking production in the Western United States, and I would expect during his speech tomorrow he’s going to double down on this reckless tax and spending bill that’s going to make it even worse for American energy where people are paying a 7-year high for gas at the pump, about $25 more every time you fill up.”

It will get even worse, and other world leaders will see the U.S. fall behind on production. Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda is conveniently leaving out much of the U.S. production. Transportation would be a great way to push ahead in the energy game, but Biden seems more interested in taxing Americans more for mileage on their vehicle and those who make over $400,000.

“The thing that’s so astonishing is that today, in America, we are using more oil from Vladimir Putin’s Russia than we are from Alaska.”

No wonder gas prices are so high. Once you start the transition back to overseas oil, there’s nothing to stop the price from rising. Conflict amongst middle eastern countries isn’t helping anything, either. When war and conflict are happening at the source of the oil trades, there will be a higher price to pay to get it.

At the Climate Conference, Biden apologized that the last administration left the Paris Climate Accord and that it “put us behind the eight ball.” How did it do that? It didn’t. The U.S. was a lower contributor to pollution under former President Donald Trump than it is now for the simple fact that we were becoming energy independent. Biden was also caught falling asleep at the conference.