Biden Thinks He Can ‘Beat’ Inflation And Wants To Make You ‘Feel Better’

Like a bad spouse, President Joe Biden has a way of saying sorry without saying sorry. It’s like we’re in an abusive relationship with the government where they push us to the edge and then backs down so that we can all go to sleep happy, and they start the next day again.

With inflation rising, Biden seemed to think that he could make small efforts to fix it without actually doing anything. Just look at the southern border, and you’ll see that there’s a symptom to this madness.

Just like the words “I love you, please forgive me for the 100th time,” Biden said, “we will make it through this challenge.”

It would help if Biden didn’t continue to create these crises and make moves to help. Limiting spending would be an excellent first step. Maybe limit the $30 million on crack pipes. They could invest that into small businesses that need help after the lockdowns or invest it in student loan forgiveness. Although that’s not something that should be considered, it would be much better than giving it to drug addicts.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported a .6% increase in the CPI in January. The expectation was that there would be a 7.2% increase. That’s not a good sign.

Biden said, “My two primary economic priorities have been to strengthen the economy and generate more good-paying jobs, as well as to reduce the prices Americans have encountered as a result of the global problem of inflation caused by the pandemic. On priority, we have witnessed unprecedented success, with the most spectacular year of job growth in history. Americans are finding better jobs, wages, and benefits, as well as the best economic expansion in decades.”

If that’s Biden’s priority, he will have to change his entire Administrative goals. Biden wants to spend money on a social program. He will have to wait until the countries save up enough money and fix some of the more immediate issues at stake.

Biden also said, “On increased costs, we have used every tool at our disposal, and while tonight serves as a reminder that Americans’ budgets are being stretched in ways that cause real hardship at the dinner table, there is also evidence that we will overcome this difficulty.”

What if the supply chain crisis is bad enough not to allow food to make it to the family’s kitchen table? Estimations show that the supply chain crisis won’t end until 2023, which is just time to get Biden out of the office and hopefully get someone to fix this country. A standard President isn’t what the US needs. We needed someone who could exceed expectations.

That’s more reason than Biden’s Administration shouldn’t be spending $30 million on drug addicts when that could go toward hiring more workers at the ports to help out the flow of products.

Biden keeps citing forecasters that say there will be an ease in inflation by the end of 2022, but with the supply chain crisis lasting well into 2023, that’s unlikely. It turns out that the supply and demand equation has real-world consequences.

Biden also keeps talking about wages rising. That doesn’t help small businesses. Products cost more money and wages cost more, and businesses will suffer predominantly. The only option is to raise prices to keep up with the costs, and it’s not going to turn out well.