Biden Tries To Frame His Opposition As “Ultra MAGA”

The Biden administration is floundering. The president’s polling numbers continue to fall. The Democrat’s strategy of trying to keep voters focused on Ukraine and the imminent repeal of Roe v. Wade is failing.

The number one concern of Americans right now is inflation. As prices rise across the board, especially in the food and energy sectors, the resulting backlash has forced the Biden administration to pivot to address the inflation issue.

In a recent speech, President Biden laid out a framework for his plan to tackle the inflation problem. He also laid out a very specific “us versus them” strategy claiming there are only two paths forward. One supporting him or joining with what he called the “Ultra MAGA” crowd.

Politicians have always tried to create the perception of their voters being part of a movement while those opposed to them are part of an extreme minority.

A similar strategy was used prior to 2016 when the term ‘Alt-Right’ began to be used by Hillary Clinton and her campaign team. Before then, the term was not widely used. Today, we take that term for granted, and the two sides either attack or defend its use. Biden’s “Ultra MAGA” choice of words is a repeat of the same.

The challenge for the Biden team is that in 2016, most conservatives still trusted the mainstream media. Four years of the Trump Presidency resulted in the mainstream media immolating itself with Trump derangement syndrome.

Trust in the media is now at an all-time low. When every news outlet repeats the “Ultra MAGA” phrase with the intention of a smear, it energizes the Trump conservative base. The thinking is if the media is attacking us, we must be over the target.

Clever framing, spin, and control of the narrative cannot counter the experience of everyday Americans when they go to the grocery store and get sticker shock from the receipt. As the problem continues to worsen, look for the Biden campaign to continue to scapegoat its enemies at ever-higher levels of intensity. Like most things the President has been doing for the last eighteen months, his “Ultra-MAGA”’ strategy will not turn out as anticipated.