Biden Violated Mask Guidance From Local Government Officials Again

The political discrepancies you see at the top level in the United States aren’t a surprise. When President Joe Biden ignores mask mandates, it’s because he doesn’t care about them. Why should he? He’s vaccinated and shouldn’t have a fear of catching Covid-19, but when he ignores them, every other citizen of the U.S. should be exempt from the rules as well.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Biden and his family stayed in David Rubenstein’s multi-million dollar mansion on Nantucket, Massachusetts island proving that Biden loves the rich.

The Nantucket, Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce reminded travelers of the local health guidance for the island.

Of course, in regular Biden fashion, he ignored the mask guidance and used his caution because it doesn’t matter what he’s told to do. He’ll do whatever he wants to.

“The increased virulence of the Delta variant, and its high ability to infect even those who have been vaccinated in some cases, means that masking and distancing are strongly recommended at this time,” the guide continued.

Nantucket is admitting that the Covid-19 vaccine isn’t effective in the fight against Covid-19. We all knew that this was the case, but not at least businesses and local governments are admitting it. That doesn’t mean we need more lockdowns and mandates. It means that we should live our lives as usual and realize that we can’t stop this virus.

So, was Biden following the mandate? Video evidence says that he wasn’t. Twitter user Ian Miles Cheong posted the video and said, “Biden was caught not wearing a mask in a store that required facemasks while shopping in Nantucket on Saturday.”

Let this remind everyone that parents are being arrested for not wearing masks at school board meetings, but Biden can do whatever he wants without social repercussions.

Biden is a representation to everyone on how they should conduct themselves. He’s confrontational, doesn’t care about science, and doesn’t follow the rules in these types of cases, and this isn’t the only time.

In Washington, D.C., Joe Biden was without a mask indoors with a mask mandate in place. Everyone else had to wear a mask, but the President of the United States thinks so highly of himself that he’s above the mandates.