Biden Visits Campaign Donors Construction Project

First off, when politicians make special trips, it’s rarely for the good of the people. In President Joe Biden’s case, he visited a construction company to appear as “blue-collar” as he can and because the construction company owner gave $260,000 to his campaign fund.

Biden visited the Elk Grove Village, Illinois construction project and told Americans that the economy was crashing because of the unvaccinated. Biden said, “the unvaccinated also put our economy at risk because people are reluctant to go out.” That’s untrue. And if it is true, then maybe Covid-19 vaccine confidence shouldn’t be as high as it is.

Clayco, the company that is completing a project in Elk Grove Village, made $3.8 billion in revenue, according to their website. That’s the real reason that Biden wants to show them attention. They gave him money, and they had more to spare.

Bob Clark, the donor of $260,000, isn’t new to political donations or political engagement. Former President Barack Obama placed Clark on the Committee for the Preservation of the White House after Clark donated $100,000. Clark advised Obama and the first lady on preservation efforts in the White House, including the floors, artwork, and other things. Where was Hunter Biden when Democrats needed new artwork in the White House? Clark also gave $50,000 to Obama to go toward his inauguration. That totals around $112,500 in donations to Democrats since 2009.

The incredible thing about the meeting is that Biden has no problem making special trips to the Clayco construction site but diverted his interest from the southern border. Biden isn’t president to run federally funded commercials to his donors, and his job is to fix problems.

Biden also promoted Proterra electric vehicle technology company when he stopped in La Crosse, Wisconsin‘s mass public transit hub, which purchased buses from the company. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm owned $1 million in stock options at the time of the visit. What an incredible coincidence, right? And they say there’s no way Hunter Biden would try to gain influence through his painting’s sales. Hunter learned it from Joe.

Tell me why we should trust Biden when it comes to anything else? You can’t even trust his scientific information with all of these discrepancies. As soon as the Democrats get back in power, these political “money-grabbing” games start. What do you think Dr. Anthony Fauci has to gain from his suggestions? As yourself, seriously, if these coincidences add up. If you feel wary about it, then you’re on the right path.