Biden Wants To Mark Every Military Vaccine Objector ‘Dishonorable’

Would a commander and chief who cares about the soldiers treat them this way? The Joe Biden administration is hotly contesting an amendment in the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that would require the military to offer honorable discharges to soldiers who object to taking the rushed, experimental coronavirus vaccine as ordered.

The Department of Defense emphasizes that requiring soldiers to receive a battery of coronavirus vaccinations falls under its purview. It is a “lawful order” that active-duty military personnel are legally bound to follow or face the consequences under the Uniformed Code of Military Justice. The military requires many vaccines. But Congress could require the DOD to issue honorable discharges for coronavirus vaccination objectors.

Yet, the White House doesn’t want soldiers who aren’t willing to get the vaccine to have that option. Joe Biden, who was not in the military and never served in any war, wants to brand these soldiers for life, leaving them marked men and women, who can never show their military credentials to future employers or business partners without explaining why they were dishonorably discharged.

It will not only put up roadblocks of prejudice and economic and social ostracism but will leave the ex-soldiers feeling deflated, stigmatized, and marginalized. That could leave them feeling hopeless about their economic and social prospects. That’s the purpose of Joe Biden’s cruel insistence on dishonorable discharges for vaccine objectors, to humiliate and punish them for persisting in protecting their health from a hastily crafted, highly politicized vaccine.

That’s no way for the commander and chief to take care of his soldiers. It’s not taking care of them at all. It’s mistreating them. And since the active duty and former active duty military have attempted and effective suicide rates markedly above the general population and soaring in recent years, Biden’s insistence on hampering their prospects and trying to take some hope away from them is not only cruel. It could have dangerous real-world consequences.

The White House insisting on dishonorable discharges for vax objectors could lead to harm or death for people who served in their country’s military and got caught up in a pharmaceutical sales campaign that Joe Biden and his ilk viciously politicized. None of the vaccine mandates makes sense, not through OSHA, which is unconstitutional, not for the military, entirely impractical. And the 100 million workers’ mad mandate is proof that this is a political mob mentality run amok, not benevolent governance.

Coronavirus is the least dangerous to healthy young people. The vaccine’s risk of side effects is most dangerous to healthy young men. The vaccines were rushed by media hysteria and political grandstanding, and vaccinating the entire military with them at once could weaken a substantial number of active personnel, critically endangering ongoing security operations. The fact that it’s even an issue for so many soldiers shows just how overplayed their hand is, the heralds of 21st century techno-medical fascism under the guise of fighting Covid.