Biden Wants Your Vote To Count For Nothing

Voting rights can only get more secure, so we thought. The “For the People Act of 2021,” or HR1, will allow nationalized federal elections, making it easier to vote if someone isn’t a legal citizen, and it opens up the possibilities of fraud across the board and takes states out of the equation when they want to pass election security measures in their form.

To be clear, security in elections should be the biggest focus. Even the claims of voter fraud that haven’t seemed to be thoroughly investigated are baffling. Removing people from voter rolls and stopping large-scale mail-in ballots are security measures that have to be taken to protect your right to vote. If there’s a low standard, your vote won’t count.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) said, “The Democrats want to use these kinds of misrepresentations to pass Senate Bill 1, which would give all power over our nation’s elections to Democrats in Congress.”

Given that the House, Senate, and Presidency are all Democrats at the moment and President Joe Biden wants to end the filibuster, it’s clear that Democrats want to control how you vote. As Cotton quoted Alexander Hamilton, Congress should only change election laws, “only under ‘extraordinary circumstances’ and only as ‘the last resort.’”

Should there be some changes? Absolutely, but to suggest that one party can make those changes is insulting.

Biden says that he’s for an exception to the filibuster and told ABC News, “If the only thing standing between getting voting rights legislation passed and not getting passed is the filibuster, I support making the exception of voting rights. For the filibuster.”

It looks pretty confusing, right? It is. Why now and why only on voting? Shouldn’t it be consistent? These revelations about voting are very telling of how the 2020 election was “won.” It’s an eye-opening suggestion that can give you a sense that Democrats know exactly how it’s done and how they can gain as many votes as possible.

Turn the page, and the Republicans want to secure elections with voter I.D. laws and in-person voting to make sure the correct person is casting a ballot. That’s not racist or exclusionary, and it’s making sure we’re not all wasting our time with these elections. There’s nothing wrong with a secure, stable, and available voting system where everyone has to show their I.D. Of course, the founding fathers aren’t thinking about bringing a driver’s license to the polling centers. They didn’t even have cars. That’s one of the points that the Democrats miss every single time.