Biden Was Persuaded To Agree With “Let’s Go, Brandon” During A NORAD Event

President Joe Biden got trolled in real-time, and it’s incredible. The video is making its rounds on the internet, and regardless of which party you belong to, you have to love it.

The phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” is known by everyone, and while Jill and Joe Biden called into NORAD to see where Santa was at, and the conversation that ensued is the best of 2021.

It ended with, “I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas as well. Merry Christmas, and Let’s Go, Brandon.”

Biden responded, “Let’s Go, Brandon, I agree.”

Joe Biden tried to ask if the family was in Oregon, and when there was no answer, he asked where their home was. Still, no response. The phone had already disconnected.

The cringe of the entire video is baffling. It’s like an old radio show that did call-ins, and nobody knew what to say. The calls might as well have been directed to the nursing home.

While speaking with the next family, Jill said, “And your third child, is it, Justin?”

“It’s Dawson.”

Close, right? Not quite.

Since Biden didn’t even pick up on the “Let’s Go Brandon” bit, and Jill got the name completely wrong, what can we take from Biden’s talking to families on the phone? If this was an attempt to boost their popularity and rating, they missed that mark by a long shot.

Loza Alexander, Bryson Grey, and many others have made songs titled “Let’s Go, Brandon,” and more people are wearing the shirts around. There’s no chance that Biden doesn’t know, and even if Joe doesn’t, Jill has to know. She’s at least somewhat aware.

According to PJ Media, Linda Feldmann, the Washington Bureau Chief of the Christian Science Monitor, said, “We are trying to get more on why this happened.”

It’s obvious why it happened. Biden is ridiculously unpopular. Biden is a president in apparent cognitive decline that should have never won the election because of his lack of mental stability and racial undertones. Yet, here we are, and we’re all living through it.