Biden Won’t Like What NFL Legend Herschel Walker Said About What He Did Last Week

It’s not only the working class getting sick of President Joe Biden’s failing policies and bad decisions. If you haven’t seen football games lately, go check out the screaming fans that aren’t screaming to a team but screaming at the president. Fans at numerous games can be heard yelling, “F***Joe Biden.” 

Herschel Walker, former football player, bobsledder, mixed martial artist, and sprinter, has gotten into politics and is running for Senate in Georgia. Walker has traveled all around the country in his career with the National Football League and is upset about Biden’s handling of the southern border. Walker knows how important national security is to ensure that Americans are protected against foreign threats. Even in Georgia, the southern border crisis isn’t too far to see the effects.  

Even though Walker is a Republican, he’s calling for unity to fix the disaster at the southern border. He told Fox News, “We’ve been going over so many of these problems for a long, long time, and nobody seems to be wanting to solve them. Everyone puts them to the side and goes to something else. It is a serious, serious problem to this country, and I think we have to get leaders to address it.”  

Walker said that his decision to run for Senate came from hearing so many things that he knew weren’t the truth and wanting to solve problems that nobody else was going to, or didn’t care, to solve.  

Raphael Warnock took Georgia’s runoff election after anticipations that Kelly Loeffler was going to win. Democrats in Georgia are seeing a preview of what it’s like to live under a Democrat-controlled government, and if Walker wins, it should be a breath of fresh air.  

Walker also said that he wants to get back to the basics. He explained that the basics are “do you love this country?” If that answer is yes, you have to fight for it, but so many politicians, Republican and Democrat, don’t fight them.  

Like many Americans, Walker is asking the critical question; why isn’t Biden and Harris the border?  

It seems like a common-sense issue that when things are going rough, you have to investigate them to see what can be done to fix it, but Biden and Harris like it exactly how it is, which is more disturbing than if they were trying and failing. They’re just simply not trying.  

Biden is more focused on condemning Border Patrol Agents than condemning illegal immigrants coming into the United States by the tens of thousands.  

The best thing that Walker said is that politicians need to leave race out of the equation. To fix the border, you have to look at it through the lens of national security, not through the lens of race. It helps no one to racialize every issue in the U.S. It does classify human beings by the color of their skin. If the Irish were crossing the border at the Hispanic and Haitians’ race, do you think Biden would have such compassion for them? Probably not.