Biden Wouldn’t Win An Election Now Or In 2024, And Harris Is Worse Off Than Biden Is

Don’t you despise it when mommy and daddy argue? President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are at odds behind the scenes, and there were several months where they weren’t seen together at all. Red State reported that Harris’ supporters believe there may be racial motives behind the divide, saying, “you’ll be less than shocked to learn that Harris loyalists are also blaming racism for her woes.” We’re not past the old racism trick. That solves everything.

When it comes to future elections, Harris may not even be able to get her old job back at this point. Her approval rating is lower than Biden’s, and even if she tried, there’s no way she’d get the 2024 vote, and Biden’s cognitive decline isn’t helping him either. This failed administration is turning heads worldwide as everyone waits for the next disastrous thing to happen.

There need to be age limits in politics to force people out, just like there are age limits on when you can enter politics. There’s no way that a 79-year-old man represents the majority of the country. If it’s possible, then it’s rare.

Still, Biden claims that he will run again in 2024 even though Americans were polled, and they said if the vote were today, they would vote for the Republican candidate over the Democrat. That didn’t even include Biden, and his approval rating is under 40.

Imagine Biden holding rallies, making speeches, dealing with the press, and answering fundamental questions in an election season. He didn’t address reporters on the withdrawal from Afghanistan or job numbers that didn’t meet his promise, and he seemed too much of a coward too. Failures aren’t good for any president, especially when the decisions made caused American soldiers to lose their life. Biden’s administration is responsible for 13 service members being killed outside of the Kabul, Afghanistan airport, regardless of how they want to spin the story. They decided to withdraw the way they did, and they chose to ignore intelligence information that told them there would be a bomb that went off. There’s no excuse that will ever be good enough to move past that.

Several Republican candidates would blow Biden out of the water. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis would be a good pick because he’s so popular among republicans, but on the flip side, he’s highly unpopular among Democrats. There has to be a solid choice for Republicans to throw out there, but it’s just too early to tell. The only sure thing is that the Democrats don’t have a strong candidate even if they tried.