Biden ‘Writes’ A Twitter Story That Should Be ‘Fact-Checked’ Immediately

One year ago, the United States was in a much better place than we are currently. There wasn’t a supply chain issue, gas prices were over a dollar lower, and the country was on the path of recovery that was unstoppable. Then there was an inauguration.

At worst, Biden tweeted a laughable claim, fell on the floor and stopped breathing, hilarity at best.

Biden told an “American story of decency and dignity.” That is if you’re a vaccinated Democrat White American. If you’re not vaccinated, then you’re the pandemic. If you’re not white, you can’t figure out how to vote or use Google, at least according to Biden.

The Tweet says, “One year ago, we started to write an American story of hope, not fear. Of unity, not division. Of light, not darkness.”

How? Which story is Biden writing, and where can Americans read it? It sounds like a fairy tale. Maybe Biden got his son, Hunter Biden, to write the story, and like his laptop stole it.

The tweet continued, “An American story of decency and dignity. Of love and healing. Of greatness and goodness. May this be the story that continues to guide us forward.”

Where was the love and healing for the 13 service members killed by a suicide bomber that the federal government knew of his intentions? Where was the love and recovery of the people who decided to get the COVID-19 vaccine or those who died from the COVID-19 vaccine? Is there any love and healing for them?

Then, where are the greatness and goodness? Is that coming from the Democrat party when they continued to say that we’re in a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” or while the January 6 rioters are still sitting in prison while the Black Lives Matter rioters had their charges dropped?

Then the audacious comment about this story guides us forward. That wouldn’t be a good idea at all! The federal government would have control over every aspect of our lives, and we would have no states rights, individual rights, or individual liberty. If the federal government thinks they can take away states’ rights, you know they’re coming for other constitutional rights. The next will be guns. Then, the U.S. will be no better than Australia.

Biden didn’t write that tweet. The man can barely walk. Whoever is running his Twitter page doesn’t know what they’re talking about, and the positive press that they were expecting from the tweet is backfiring severely. Nobody believes Biden, and this tweet is an excellent example of why nobody believes him.