Biden’s Address About Speeding Up The Supply Chain Got Off To An ‘Inspiring Start’

President Joe Biden is the same every day. It is messing up names and stumbling over sentences. No change was made when Biden addressed the supply chain issues that the United States has been having. It may be a proven consequence of California’s ridiculous lockdown measures that sent many employees to other places. Now, with the Covid-19 vaccine mandates that haven’t taken effect, dock workers are needed to be in America’s commodities and necessities.

While obliterating his speech, Biden couldn’t even get a simple sentence out. Biden said, “ejector dijector” instead of executive director. Biden referred to the Executive Director of the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach Gene Seroka and Mario Cordero, but what Biden said was “Mario Cordono.” The White House graciously added it to Biden’s remarks which makes it even more hilarious.

Biden apologized but missed a big part of the apology when he said the wrong last name. Cognitive decline is catching up quickly. To touch on cognitive decline being why Biden is misspeaking like this, certain words appear to look the same but are different. Cordono and Cordero look very similar but aren’t. Biden also mixed up “point” and “port” and had to correct himself. He got confused and said what he thought he was reading rather than what was written.

He only addressed this issue because he was made to. The White House, excluding Vice President Kamala Harris, has been quiet about the problem, and like the southern border, they’re probably hoping it will go away on its own. Luckily, Harris said that Christmas presents should be bought early this year because of the upcoming supply chain issues, and that marks the first time Harris has been correct on anything in this administration.

Biden says that the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to process incoming shipments. It is meant to empower the private sector and get supplies into the United States faster. Most of the ports aren’t open during the night and weekend because it’s difficult to find truck drivers during those times. Still, many businesses have dedicated more resources to those periods to fight the supply chain issues.

In other areas of the speech, he messed up as well. So you get the idea that this man isn’t okay.

Thankfully, Biden took questions. Oh, wait, no, he didn’t. Ordinarily, Biden just left. He came, said nothing new, and left without answering questions.

These are issues that will affect Americans, and you would think Biden would have the common decency to answer questions from the press. He respects nobody and serves no man. Biden serves his purpose, and it’s more evident every day.