Biden’s Afghanistan Withdrawal ‘Damaging’ America’s Reputation With Foreign Allies

Joe Biden always seems able to count on a compliant corporate media to help him through the numerous low points of his short but eventful administration. The debacle that has just unfolded in Afghanistan will not be as simple to wash past America’s foreign allies.

America damaged trust relationships with its NATO allies and regional partners in the middle east while encouraging its enemies everywhere to be more aggressive. The shakeout of this foreign relations disaster will last for years and impact America’s standing as the remaining superpower in the world.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel referred to the Afghanistan situation as an “extremely bitter development” and “terrifying.” The U.K. Parliament held Biden in contempt over the handling of the withdrawal process. One member of the House of Lords said that Biden damaged confidence in NATO and that the primary beneficiary is China. Another Lord noted that the “humiliation and disaster” is appalling.

Many international allies are finding that Biden’s withdrawal will embolden China, Iran, and Russia. These unfriendly nations are likely to find Afghanistan as an open space for strategic moves with the Taliban. Additionally, China is taking an increasingly more aggressive posture toward Taiwan and is telling them directly that the U.S. will not help them.

Nigel Farage told Glenn Beck in an interview on August 30 that the U.S. could be isolated soon. He told Beck that when Biden decided to withdraw from a 20-year mission with no conditions, planning, or foresight and without bothering to consult with the British Prime Minister, “sends a message” to the U.K.

Farage said Biden’s message was that “the U.K. could not trust America with this man in charge.”

He added that “the Afghanistan withdrawal would affect NATO’s ability to function effectively or possibly even survive.” Farage said that the images coming out of Afghanistan of Taliban fighters wearing U.S. gear and using abandoned weapons and equipment is “appalling” to Europeans.

Farage told Beck that any increased jihadism or terrorism in Europe or elsewhere would see blame falling “squarely” on the Biden White House.