Biden’s Approval Is Worse Than Jimmy Carter

President Joe Biden can be compared to many other presidents in many different ways. Most closely associated with President Barack Obama, Biden has made his name, not in a good way, with many of his policies. Biden has primarily taken a hands-off approach with problems and allowed them to resonate independently and hopefully go away. Biden can’t seem to focus on one singular thing without getting distracted with other aspects of his presidency. But sucking up to his donors isn’t one of the aspects he’s ignoring.

Biden’s approval rating is down from September, proving that the infrastructure bill didn’t help him. A CNN poll showed that Biden has a 45% approval rating and a 54% disapproval rating. Even more, only 30% of those polled said Biden’s economic policies had helped the economy, proving that Biden needed to do nothing to improve the economy coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Just let the economy grow and allow Americans to go back to work.

Inflation was another concern, with the report showing that the Consumer Price Index increased in November .9%, and the year-over-year inflation indicators increased to 6.8%. That’s an all-time high since 1981.

Food prices have also taken a hit, and you’ve probably noticed the 6.1% increase and the energy price increases of 33.3% in the last year.

Since Biden got elected, gas prices have increased, and every city and state has been affected. Like most things, California has been hit the hardest at $4.682 in November.

When Biden is compared to Jimmy Carter, things get interesting. Carter had to deal with the emergency National Gas Act, a potential Soviet threat, and China was granted diplomatic status.

But Biden is actually in much worse shape than Carter. CNN reported Carter’s economic net approval rating of –8 in an early January 1978 CBS News/New York Times poll was the lowest around this point in a presidency before Biden’s -13 points.”

Even still, Biden and Carter’s polls are similar. 52% of Americans disapproved of Carter’s handling of inflation, and only 21% gave Carter a positive review on the economy out of everyone surveyed.

Biden has a long way to go and not a clue how to turn it around. Vice President Kamala Harris is even worse as she changes staff again and has called Hillary Clinton to the White House for help.

Even the recent presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama have had a net approval rating of –4. Biden is just the least popular president voted for by the most people.