Biden’s ATF Nominee David Chipman Is In Even More Trouble After Failing To Disclose Appearance On Chinese Media

As if the inability to describe an assault weapon wasn’t enough, David Chipman’s controversies keep piling up. You should know what you’re talking about as a government officer, particularly with the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) agency.

Chip man said that he would let Congress decide what an assault weapon is so he can ban it under the ATF’s guidance. Why he couldn’t tell us what he was referring to as an assault weapon is unknown other than he wanted to keep his extremist views to himself until put in the position as director. That should trouble anyone who what’s this man to run the ATF, but that’s not all.

When disclosing information to the Senate before his hearing, Chipman failed to disclose his involvement with Chinese media. Chipman was a guest on a Chinese Government News Network. The propaganda was about gun violence in the United States. Chipman called for gun control on the network, the American branch of the Chinese Global Television Network. Still, it shows that he has no problem working with foreign enemies to enact gun control measures in the United States.

Biden is dealing with his Chinese Government controversies, and Jen Psaki is championing Chipman by blaming Republicans for the rise in gun violence if Chipman isn’t approved. The fairy tale of the United States without guns will never see the light of day. The Supreme Court is giving more gun rights, not less, and you can guarantee that they won’t stop now. When it comes to the highest court, you have to see a trend of constitutional power that will invalidate anything the federal government attempts to impose on the citizens of this country.

The sad part is that nobody is hiding their radical beliefs anymore, or maybe I should say it’s not painful. When your enemy is speaking up and making a fool out of himself, do and say nothing, let his words out him in the ground faster than a bullet will.