Biden’s Border SECRET Is Out And It Is Not Good For America

President Joe Biden’s manufactured border crisis isn’t going away any time soon. Reports are that more migrants are on their way, and videos have surfaced of hundreds, if not thousands of migrants have pushed through forces in Tapachula, Mexico.

Former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott testified before Congress, saying, “The border is less secure today than it was in January of 2021.”

Without a doubt, Biden dismantled many of the safeguards put in place by former President Donald Trump, but it’s time to do something about it and stop talking about it. Scott says that they tried to warn Biden that removing the policies would lead to this type of mass migration.

It’s not hard to predict what it would look like, and Americans saw it coming before Biden even took office. The writing was on the wall, and it’s never been erased.

Scott also said that when Border Patrol agents had to fill processing positions, it would lead to less security and fewer agents on the ground. It is an obvious sign that security would be lacking and trouble would be ahead. The migrants that have turned themselves in seem almost to be a distraction for the thousands of migrants who have entered places where agents were unavailable.

Scott said that with vast open portions of the border, migrants could bring in large amounts of fentanyl, cocaine, and heroin, causing an increase in overdoses and leaving cities across the country stuck on overdose calls rather than keeping communities safe. The influx in drug traffic has also caused communities to be more dangerous as the drug trade has brought in new territorial initiatives and gang activities.

The continuing chaos is only beginning to unfold as migrants are being trafficked across the federal government while more migrants enter the United States in record numbers. The problem seems never to seize, and why would it?

Given the weak administration that’s in place at the moment is giving others a sense of urgency to get into the United States, and there’s a particular humanitarian aspect to consider. Still, the most important part right now is national security. The issue will affect even the most elite politicians as Biden pays hundreds of thousands of taxpayer money to fence around his beachfront property.