Biden’s Department Of Education Is Trying To Block Carnal Predators In Schools

Suppose you can look at an incident involving a carnal predator and, regardless of the severity, do not want it reported in all ways possible. In that case, you’re probably a garbage human being.

Joseph Rosenbaum is a child predator, according to the evidence in the Kyle Rittenhouse prosecution. “Court documents obtained by Wisconsin Right Now from the Pima County (Arizona) Clerk of Courts confirm a grand jury charged Rosenbaum with 11 counts of child assault and inappropriate lewd activity with children, including carnal assault, masturbation, oral intercourse, and showing minors pornography,” Wisconsin Right Now reported. The victims were five boys aged nine to eleven years old. He was convicted on two amended counts.”

The left is labeling Rosenbaum as a hero. Rittenhouse’s prosecutor said that the protesters who tried to disarm Rittenhouse were the real heroes.

When it comes to schools, parents have the right to know what kind of inappropriate conduct is happening at their children’s school, but President Joe Biden doesn’t think so. Biden’s Department of Education wants to stop a program that former President Donald Trump started.

According to Fox News, a data-collecting revision would exclude “assault or attempted physical abuse, or carnal assault allegations that were followed by resignation or retirement before ultimate discipline or termination.”

Department of Education spokesman stated that “OCR will continue to gather statistics on the number of reported occurrences of violations committed by school workers, including lewd abuse or attempted assault, and physical assault.” The CRSC has been collecting this information since 2015-2016. To alleviate the cost and duplication of data, we recommend retiring data on the number of allegations made against school personnel. It is a proposal, and OCR welcomes public opinion on it during the 60-day comment period.

It would be alarming if a large number of teachers were still employed after an allegation was made.

Kimberly Richie told Fox News, “through this proposal, the Biden administration is actively helping schools cover up these incidents, which we were intentionally shining a light on.”

That’s what they’re doing. Any uptick hurts parents’ decisions for their kids’ education. Suppose parents take their kids out of school because of alleged physically inappropriate behavior. In that case, the Biden administration won’t push Critical Race Theory and Covid-19 vaccine mandates on children. Though that theory isn’t proven, it’s likely why they’re pushing this. Suppose you cover for carnal predators, then there are never moral motives behind it. There should be a national database that’s publicly accessible that shows the incidents or at least basic information giving the teacher’s name that was convicted.