Biden’s Downfall Will Be In The Standard Of Living

The economy of any nation has the most crucial role in determining the support of the people towards a specific government. In Biden’s case, with rising inflation and constantly increasing prices of services and commodities, the votes of the American people are shifting towards a party that can provide more stability and restores a good standard of living.

Biden’s government has been heavily influenced by the left, and its effects are being noticed in the form of the financial crisis being faced by the people. The investors still somehow pave their way through and make profits. Even the bureaucrats make money and the government benefits, but it’s the people that have to pay the bills. The bill recently proposed by the Biden administration for additional spending has faced remorse from the democrats as well as republicans due to the impact it will have on the already crippling economy as a consequence of the pandemic. Even the alliances of the democrats are being shifted, and now the votes will be given for standard of living.

The tax hikes imposed to make up for the debts of the previous fiscal year and the increase in the commodities prices have made it difficult for the middle/upper-middle class people to survive. The country’s economic situation has now become a primary concern for voters. With the upcoming elections of 2022, Biden’s administration has grim chances of securing many seats due to the suffering they have caused for the people. If their current performance continues, the presidential elections may be lost entirely.

No matter what party one belongs to, the focus of all voters now is to keep the party in power from doing further harm and vote for the party that will ensure that the nation starts healing from the destructive policies of the previous government. If the current situation continues, the Biden administration will have lost the House and the Senate in the next elections. The nation will have made a fair decision in their interest.