Biden’s Iran Deal Is Showing His Support For Russia

President Joe Biden is desperate to fix the things he’s messed up and working with Russia and Iran. The terrorist organization isn’t off the table. Every time you hear Biden say that Russia is wrong, he’s pushing deals that include Russia and it seems to all be a big show.

Iran and Russia are deeply tied together. You might be surprised that Biden would be willing to work with Iran for oil, considering they have participated in joint exercises with Russia and China in the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Oman.

Working with Iran is equivalent to working with Russia. The only difference is there are a few extra steps involved.

Republicans aren’t happy with Biden over several things, but getting oil from Iran is on the list.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said, “If and when this Iran deal is disclosed, it will be a huge win for Vladimir Putin. Because the Biden administration has been keen to inform Putin and the Ayatollah, of course, we will have a carveout for Iran sanctions, which means Putin will make billions in oil and gas transactions in nuclear negotiations. As well as firearms trades.”

Waiving sanctions put this entire conflict into motion. It allowed Putin to feel emboldened and a leader in the world energy market. But, aside from that, Biden was elected as the real reason Russia invaded Ukraine. That’s as simple as it gets. Former President Donald Trump was a strong leader in foreign relations and almost every country was kept at bay.

The best thing for the United States and the world would be for the US to produce and supply energy domestically. Going back to that would drive costs down and create more jobs. Isn’t that what Biden is supposed to be about?

Sen. Jim Risch (R-ID) said, “This is not correct. We should take a walk. It does not have to be done right now or soon. It is unnecessary to do so when we have challenges in Ukraine. We should take a walk.”

But Biden isn’t going to walk because Biden knows what’s best for everyone. The push for electric vehicles by 2030 isn’t achievable by crashing the US economy. That would force the US to rely on oil longer. Tapping into the US energy that’s not “flattering” would allow the economy to flourish in a way that would invite clean energy solutions to the problems that Democrats claim will destroy the earth within a specific time frame. It’s convenient that they say these things and buy beach houses. If they claim that the coast will be underwater, they will cash out that investment and move to the mountains.