Biden’s Latest Oil Plan Just Went Down in Flames

The United States of America is more than capable of domestic oil production. Before Joe Biden got into the White House, the country made significant gains in the energy industry.

This is why gas prices stood at a $2.41 average before Biden’s administration came into office. However, once the current president started yanking down the energy policies of the Trump administration, gas and other energy costs went through the rooftops.

As Biden’s policies seriously impede oil production here in America, his master plan has involved going to other countries for oil. Yet, this plan recently went down in flames, thanks to a bombshell revealed by French President Emmanuel Macron.

No Deal on Accessing Foreign Oil
As high gas costs prove to be extremely problematic for Biden and Democrats, the president’s plan to counter this involves turning to Arab countries for oil.

However, this isn’t going to work out. During this year’s G-7 summit, Macron let it slip to Biden that Saudis have hit a wall when it comes to oil production. As a matter of fact, the United Arab Emirates has just about reached its full capacity.

Unfortunately, even hearing the truth from a US ally doesn’t seem to have gotten through to Biden. As Macron explained the situation of Arab oil to his US counterpart, Biden interjected and then moved away from the conversation altogether.

It’s worth noting that the president previously turned to Iran for oil, only to be met with rejection. This led to immense criticism of Biden here at home. Republicans and energy giants have called on Biden to work with domestic producers of oil, rather than seeking overseas supplies.

What Comes Next?
Since turning to the Saudis for oil isn’t going to work out, it remains unclear what Biden should be expected to do going forward. The president, all things considered, isn’t very likely to relent on his anti-energy policies and begin working with domestic producers.

Judging from Biden’s previous track record, whatever he does next with oil carries a real probability of benefiting a foreign nation before the United States.

From nearly the moment Biden got into the White House, he’s been criticized for repeatedly putting American interests last.