Biden’s MiniTruth Is an Affront to the Constitution

The new Disinformation Governance Board (MiniTruth) is revealing the Democrats’ disdain for the Constitution. In the past, when free speech was threatened, it came with an overwhelming bombardment of authoritarian policies. And this board’s existence is itself contrary to free speech, and will likely be responsible for such policies.

MiniTruth was created just as Elon Musk purchased Twitter. It’s as if there was an agreement among the tech companies to censor conservative voices and when that was hindered, the government stepped in as a proxy for free speech. But, it’s not free speech at all.

In a country where 85% of people have smartphones, everyone has access to information that wasn’t available before. Going after Elon Musk because he chose to buy Twitter rather than do other social justice “things” with his money isn’t going to lead to a positive future.

Democrats are running out of time and the 2022 midterm elections are approaching. The left is inching toward a red wave that’s never been seen before. And that’s the real purpose of Biden’s MiniTruth creation. The Democrats know they can’t win on the issues, so they’ll be spending the next few months twisting the issues and appealing to the emotions of their unhinged followers. And MiniTruth will be there to silence conservatives when they need their voices most, if they’re not checked quickly.