Biden’s SHOCKING Flip-Flop May Change The Way We Run Elections

The filibuster is an essential and historical function of the United States governmental process. Since the 1800’s the filibuster has been used to hold the floor to prevent action on a proposed bill. It’s not used that often, and over the past several years, there have been questions about ending it to have a majority pass whatever bill they want to.

President Joe Biden has flip-flopped on the issue several times in the last year and a half. Before ever getting elected, Biden was asked, “If Democrats win a narrow majority in the Senate, will you advocate for reforming or scrapping the filibuster?”

Biden responded, “I do not support ending the filibuster.”

That seems pretty straightforward, right? Wrong.

Biden seems to listen to anyone willing to tell him what to do. Voting rights aren’t going to change even if you have to show an identification to vote. It seems like a common-sense issue. You have to have an identification to get the Covid-19 vaccine, and more places require a Covid-19 vaccine card to enter, so where did people get this idea that you don’t need identification to vote? Maybe we should stop requiring identification to enter the White House since requiring identification is racist.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked how the filibuster could be fundamentally altered. She then pretended like Republicans were trying to block people from voting by ensuring voting was more secure. Why is it so difficult to think that technological advancements should be used to strengthen voting? And, after a highly contested 2020 election, citizens have the right to know that the voting process is secure.

Psaki also called Republicans “obstructionists.” Democrats used the filibuster many times under former President Donald Trump’s administration and probably felt good about it. Now that the rules are reversed, Democrats are against it. Just another hypocritical move by the left.

What does “works best for them” even mean? Each state has the right to set stricter voting laws than the national law. Biden has been tearing down the idea of states’ rights since he got elected, which would be a significant first step for him.