Biden’s Welcome Mat Drawing Millions to Southern Border

By an increasingly apparent design, the Biden administration is welcoming tens of thousands of illegal immigrants to trespass in the U.S. every month. And numbers show nearly half are not from Mexico or Latin America.

The Trump-era Title 42 provisions to protect the nation from pandemic-exposed migrants are being gutted. Exceptions have been carved out for this or that situation, and the sum total means record numbers of border crossers are doing so with unprecedented ease.

The administration likes to tout “encounters” as proof that it is somehow doing its constitutionally-required job of defending the U.S.

What it doesn’t brag about is that these so-called “encounters” are little more than a welcome wagon for the world to cross our southern border. As many as 40-50% of new migrants now are from areas that traditionally have not dumped people at the border, and their numbers are growing.

Gone are the days of Latin Americans crossing at ordered checkpoints. The passages that once slowed illegal foreigners from getting border access, even through notoriously tough Mexico, are ancient history.

For years, Mexico City placed tough restrictions on waves of Central Americans attempting to use its country as a footpath to the U.S. But no more. The practice of having a National Guard blockade at the Guatemalan border is over.

Further south, the famously dangerous Darien Gap shortcut through Columbia into Panama has opened the floodgates. And it’s by design. Exemptions for families with young children, pregnant women, and unaccompanied minors have increased traffic tenfold.

And it’s no longer the unsafe passage it once was. The Biden administration in April signed the Bilateral Arrangement on Migration and Protection. Masterminded by DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, it resulted in a new sea route.

Yes, no longer is the jungle passage through Columbia’s Darien Gap even necessary. Panama had previously blocked vessels carrying hundreds of international illegals from landing on its northwest Caribbean shore.

That also is a thing of the past. Now smugglers are free to bring anyone and everyone around the Columbian passage. A 10-day foot journey has been sliced to only three.

Is there any wonder, with a concerted effort by the Biden administration and Latin American countries, that there is now a record flow of illegal migrants from across the globe pouring into the United States?