Big Business Bends To The Left

The manufacturing business has collapsed into recession in the United States, yet lobbyists for factories continue to brown-nose the White House. Many laborers are starting to question the claims that President Joe Biden is on the side of the average American laborer in the wake of the looming rail strike. Nevertheless, big business CEOs and executives cling to the narrative Biden campaigned on in 2020. The latest effort to suck up Biden is a new public relations campaign — Manufacturers for Gay Marriage.

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) has been calling for the misnamed “Respect for Marriage Act,” which passed in the Senate on Tuesday. But what does marriage have to do with production in U.S. manufacturing? NAM claims they support the bill because it will allow factory employees to “bring their authentic selves to work.” The truth is that big business is looking to protect executives from liberal politicians.

Bending morals and values for the sake of indulging in a political class ensures preferential business treatment and boosts market positions. A good example is a big business using Chinese and Indian slave labor to produce American goods. Financial institutions like Wall Street partake in these practices, too, when they secure contracts to manage public money in return for support of secular agendas.

Gay marriage is already legal in the United States. Supporting the unnecessary new bill is a weapon against traditionally valued people and institutions. The new act doesn’t just represent Democratic control of congress; it gathers businesses that will sign up as secular opponents of its own consumers. Companies that refuse to align with left-leaning beliefs suffer the consequences in profit, growth and popularity online.

Nonprofits with religious and faith-based missions will be set to accrue the most harm from the marriage bill. While the bill has a tiny section on religious liberty stating entities will not be required to provide goods or services for the “solemnization or celebration of a marriage,” disputes that involve government trying to force individuals to compromise their beliefs by performing work they believe celebrates same-sex marriage. Many examples have occurred over the years at bakeries, florists, and designer companies.

The new law does nothing to stop the harassment of small organizations and businesses. States can potentially be blocked from providing more protections for religious liberty, and nonprofit, tax-exempt statuses are threatened. The bill also opens potential punishment on nonprofit social service organizations that try to uphold their views while working on adoption and foster care systems. Big business gets the endorsement, time and money; Small business gets harassed, loses profits and ultimately pushes out.