Bill Gates Applauds Australia’s Authoritarian Tactics

Bill Gates admits that Covid-19 vaccines are imperfect. Gates has been on a media tour to promote his new book. While doing so, he spoke about Covid-19 and the progression of the virus.

While on the tour, Gates spoke to Fareed Zakaria, CNN host and Washington Post columnist, at an event organized by 92nd Street Y, which has been self-described as a “cultural and community center where people all over the world connect through culture, arts, entertainment, and conversation.”

During the interview, Gates said, “The vaccines are imperfect … they don’t block infection.”

The original claim was that the Covid-19 vaccines are safe, effective, and should be taken by everyone. Currently, the Covid-19 vaccines aren’t preventing infection or hospitalization.

Gates continued, “We were hoping that the vaccine would create enough antibodies in your upper respiratory tract, including your nose and throat, that vaccinated people wouldn’t get infected.”

Gates then said, “Well, once Omicron comes along, the vaccine is not reducing transmission, hardly at all, particularly about three or four months after you take the vaccine.”

That’s not what the Covid-19 vaccines were originally marketed as. The claim was that the vaccines would prevent infection, and according to President Joe Biden, we’re in a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

With the information available now, the Covid-19 vaccine’s efficacy is waning at incredible rates. The rate of reinfection seems to be growing closer together, especially with the Omicron variant, the waves of infection are getting closer together recently compared to the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Gates noted that older people, generally around their 70s, are seeing that the Covid-19 vaccine is less effective after 3-4 months while younger people are experiencing longer protection.

Zakaria then asked, “Should we accept some restrictions on our liberties?”

Gates said, “Absolutely. But you know, the U.S., that’s not our greatest strength – that is making, in some cases, sacrifice for the collective.”

The Constitution was written for the collective. Every citizen benefits from freedom, both individual and medical freedom, and the government shouldn’t have any authority to shut down businesses, keep people from working or forcing employers to get their employees vaccinated. Luckily, the Supreme Court shut down Biden’s OSHA push and Gates doesn’t decide which freedoms apply to citizens and which ones are negotiable.

Gates added, “We’re a society of individual rights, and there’s a lot to be said for this. So, we’re not optimized for pandemics.”

Gates then praised Australia in its efforts to combat Covid-19. Gates said, “But a few responded very quickly to scale up the level of diagnostics, and then they had quarantine policies that were well adhered to. So, Australia stands out, and their death rate is about 10% of other rich countries. So, pretty dramatic benefit.”

Gates had previously raised the alarm about more Covid-19 variants saying, “There could be more variants that would be immune-escaping because their shape of their spike protein would be a little different. And sadly, they could even have a higher fatality rate. You know, I read the chance of that is, you know, maybe 5% or 10%.”

Gates then encouraged people to continue to get vaccinated and boosted and said “the public should be ready.”

When asked about his 2017 interview talking about a dangerous virus that could kill 30 million people, Gates said that he was going “out on a limb” because he understands that people are susceptible to a transmissible virus.