Bill Gates Charity Funding Research To Combat “Vaccine Hesitancy”

Bill Gates continues his climb to the top of the villain power rankings.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has officially been outed for funding research aimed at duping vaccine skeptics into getting the jab in the future.

An increasing number of scientific studies have linked COVID-19 vaccines and boosters to Myocarditis, a potentially deadly heart condition.

Based on the research his foundation is funding, it would seem Bill Gates has concluded that science is beneath him, just like Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Gates’ army of researchers published a study titled “Overcoming Vaccine Hesitancy for Future COVID-19 and HIV Vaccines: Lessons from Measles and HPV Vaccines.”

How can Bill Gates, or anyone for that matter, predict with certainty the arrival of another pandemic? That’s the real question.

The researchers were tasked with studying what made people hesitant to get the measles or HPV vaccines. The theory is that applying those lessons learned to future marketing campaigns will lead to increased compliance with future vaccine rollouts.

The study concluded that “the most successful interventions directly targeted the population.”

In other words, the unvaccinated are now a target of Bill Gates.

Gates has been lobbying to dim the light of the sun for years. Yes, Bill Gates literally wants to make the world a darker place.

The Microsoft founder also owns thousands of acres of American Farmland. 268, 984 acres to be exact. Taking into account his outspoken desire to fully transition to synthetic beef, his angle with the acquisition of farmland becomes transparent.

These vaccine marketing tactics are eerily similar to what Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, another marquee villain, was recently caught doing on his platform.
In an effort to boost his flailing public image, Gates very publicly gave the generous gift of $20 billion dollars to charity in July 2022.

The money didn’t go to The Salvation Army or hungry kids in Africa. He donated the money to his own charity. To make himself look like a good guy, Bill Gates gifted himself $20 billion dollars.

Fast forward a couple of months and now we know exactly what at least a portion of that money is being spent on.