Bill Maher Has ‘Paved The Way’ For Entertainers To ‘Push Back’ On The Democrat Agenda

Bill Maher has come around to the good side of things and has been very vocal on his show. It seems that everyone is done with the COVID-19 hysteria, and they’re becoming more and more agitated with the far left. The crowd at Maher’s shows have also agreed and eagerly clap and cheer when Maher talks badly about the COVID-19 mandates and lockdowns. Adam Corolla has called them out.

Corolla tweeted, “Watching the Bill Maher show. Now you p****** clap when Bill talks about getting back to normal. Shut the f*** up and admit you were wrong.”

This group-think mentality we’re living in is long overdue for some severe criticism. It’s easy to agree with someone on Twitter or other social media platforms and get involved in the conversation, but what do people think? The number of claps and cheers would make you feel that they agree with Maher’s leftist views. Is the COVID-19 pandemic ending because the left is tired of it?

It sure is. The main reason the COVID-19 pandemic has lasted as long as it has is for control. The governmental agencies want as much control over people as they can get. And, when you give a person, entity, or government power and control, they rarely give it back. When they do eventually give it back, it’s generally by force. That’s not a call to action but a historical analysis of conflicts between governments and the people they’re supposed to serve. Take a look at Kazakhstan.

One Twitter user said it perfectly:

The United States is a teenager in the development of a nation. There are growing pains and mood swings, and sometimes the attitude needs to be checked so that it doesn’t get too out of whack. The founding fathers were able to pinpoint precisely how the constitution, declaration of independence, and the bill of rights needed to be written to make it a lasting document that’s translated over hundreds of years and still applicable. It’s beautiful.

We now live in a time where the right can’t save us anymore. The left has to do it for themselves and everyone else. There’s a “permission slip,” if you will, that’s been given by Senators Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) for other Democrats to push back and still come out in one piece. It’s been a fantastic outline of how being a reasonable human will always be the right move. Sinema and Manchin have captured both parties and are set up to be political superstars for bipartisanship.

Bill Maher is on the path to pave the way for entertainers to stand up and be vocal about what they genuinely believe while we all get along and continue with life. The way forward is accepting opposing views as long as those views aren’t infringing on liberty and freedom.