Blinken SHUTS UP When CONFRONTED On Biden’s Leaked Phone Call

Secretary of State Antony Blinken went before the Senate and failed at responding to their questions about President Joe Biden’s administration’s disastrous handling of Afghanistan and how Biden’s mental capacity is declining.

The federal government has a ridiculous idea that when they hide information from “we the people,” it’s better for us, but transparency is critical. The Democrats have a significant issue to cover for each other. They seem to have a secret bond where they keep their mouth shut when someone in their party screws up. Just look at former Governor Andrew Cuomo’s sexual assault allegations and that Cuomo used nursing homes for Covid-19 patients that resulted in approximately 13,000 nursing home deaths, and he still lied about the numbers. It took almost a full year for Cuomo to resign.

Blinken was explicitly asked about Biden’s phone call with Ashraf Ghani, Afghanistan’s former president. The phone call transcript leaked to Reuters shows that Biden urged Ghani to make public perception believable that the Taliban were further behind than they were and that the Afghan military was holding them back. The Taliban had already taken over many cities across the country and were fast approaching Kabul, Afghanistan.

Blinken said that he wasn’t going to report on leaked phone calls. He then changed and said “alleged” leaked phone records. He can’t even hide this anymore, and neither can anyone else. Blinken also said that Biden told Ghani precisely what he was telling the American people. That’s simply untrue. Biden didn’t tell the American people that the Taliban were taking over Afghanistan at the rate they were. Just days before the withdrawal, the Taliban took over Kabul, Afghanistan and Americans were surprised. Why were they surprised? Because Biden assured us that every American would get out that wants to leave. Biden lied to the American people and lied to Americans in Afghanistan. There are still hundreds of Americans in Afghanistan. That’s a speculative number because the federal government doesn’t know how many are there.

Blinken refused to comment on if the transcript was true or untrue. He said that his knowledge of the transcript was that Biden was saying what he was telling the American people.

General Milley’s conversation with Chinese military officials said he would warn them against attacks and Biden’s phone call with Ghani urging him to lie to the public shows you everything you need to know about the type of leadership America has right now. They’re all traitors and need to be removed from office immediately. Lying to Americans isn’t having their best interests in mind. It hinders democracy and chisels away at the disrupted trust that the American people already have for the federal government and their ability to competently and effectively lead this country. They’re a disgrace to what America is and what America should be.