BLM Spends On Organization That Idolizes Murderers

Black Lives Matter had to release tax information and the results are shocking. The massive amount of money that BLM has taken in and where the money has gone should make people feel uncomfortable donating anything else to the organization.

Along with not providing money to black victim’s families and instead buying multi-million dollar homes, the organization had no problem giving $200,000 to an organization who calls police officers “pigs.” The problem with this is that BLM leaders have their own security and are well taken care of but they don’t want citizens to have the protection of law enforcement.

The organization in question, Equity and Transformation, is located in Chicago, IL where there have been 218 people killed this year alone. There have been 12 fewer people slain this year than in 2021, but the alarming rate of homicides should have citizens calling for as many law enforcement officers as possible.

The Daily Mail reported that the head of Equity and Transformation (EAT), Richard Wallace, “has called officers ‘bastards,’” and “has shown support for late rapper Tupac Shakir’s aunt Assata Shakir – a terrorist wanted by the FBI for the miurder of a New Jersey State Trooper.”

It was also reported that Wallace posted on social media in October 2020, “they are hunting us and will use any excuse to up a pole and end our life. That is why we have to defund these bastards, And take control of our community because they won’t save us.”

Based on Chicago’s homicide rate, the community isn’t saving itself.

Wallace has also written of Assata, “Assata becomes First woman on FBI most wanted… They want to silence our Heroes!”

Apparently cop killers are the heroes of EAT. there’s no telling what they could do with $200,000 to further their movement.

BLM seems insistent on giving as little as possible to any outside source. Fox News reported that BLM gave $2 million to a consulting firm that’s run by a member of their board, they put $1.4 million toward lobbying, they spent $1.8 million on people that have close ties to founder Patrice Cullers to include her father and brother.

Yet, they spent such a small amount on EAT and only spent $200,000 on the Trayvon Martin Foundation. It seems that they enjoy getting rich a lot more than they like enacting change on matters they claim to care about. What they really care about is their own bank account.