Blue Collar Politics In Southern New Jersey

A truck driver in New Jersey beat a Democrat politician, and it’s incredible to see. Freedom-minded Republicans will always overthrow even the most capable dictators, and the New Jersey and Virginia elections were proof.

Edward Durr (R) beat Steve Sweeney (D), took Sweeney’s Senate spot, and likely represents the people correctly.

While on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show, Durr told Carlson that he had spoken to Sweeney after the election and told him, “And, as I told him if he ever needed anything, just give me a call, you know, because I’m now his representative.”

That can be taken as an insult to Sweeney, but it’s not. It’s a gentleman’s victory, and it’s true. A representative is always supposed to represent their constituents, and it’s something we need to see more of.

Even after a ballot mishap, Sweeney said, “all votes have been fairly counted, and I, of course, accept the results.”

Durr’s website tells a lot about him, but it’s the headline statement that tells the whole story.

It says something of a man who wants to stand in the government’s way to protect the people. It’s a constant reminder throughout Durr’s website to be better for the good of the people, not for the good of your wallet, and as a politician, Durr is going to help people.

Americans don’t want government control. Even the most Democrats among us don’t know when it comes down to it. They may wish to have their party in power, but to want government control means that you won’t get either party to control the people. Their tune switches the instant the Republicans take control. They want the government out of their life so they can make their own decisions. It should be a bi-partisan attitude, but it’s unfortunately not. People don’t understand what they’re asking for.