Boebert Sues PAC Over ‘Disgusting’ and ‘False’ Allegations

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is firing back at American Muckrakers PAC, a Democratic group that recently claimed she was a paid escort, had multiple abortions, and was drinking in a near-fatal off-roading accident.

The super PAC which issued the press release also called itself “Fire Boebert.” Boebert’s attorney informed the group that they will face civil defamation lawsuits.

While American Muckrakers calls itself a “watchdog group,” Boebert’s attorney said it merely exists to oppose conservative candidates. It is also, he wrote, funded by “established Democratic donor sources.”

The outlandish claims spread quickly online. Among them is the accusation of the Republican congresswoman of working as a prostitute for a sugar daddy website before her 2019 congressional run.

It said a member of the Koch family of prominent conservative donors hired her and then introduced her to Sen Ted Cruz (R-TX). It was Cruz, American Muckrakers claimed, who encouraged her to enter politics.

There was, of course, no evidence cited other than one anonymous tipster. The release included three photos of Boebert it said she uploaded to the sugar daddy website, although one was misidentified and is actually a former employee of Rudy Guliani.

The other two are from Boebert’s 2011 profile on Explore Talent.

The Republican lashed out at the accusation, calling it “disgusting” and “sexist.”

Not content with accusing her of prostitution, the PAC said the pro-life conservative of having two abortions while engaged in prostitution. She quickly showed that the dates that Muckrakers claimed for her supposed abortions are when she was pregnant with two of her sons.

Further, Boebert says the PAC misdated a off-roading accident it said happened two weeks before her 2020 primary. It was a year earlier. The press release said she’d been drinking and fled the scene, leaving her seriously injured former sister-in-law and her child to fend for themselves.

Despite the PAC reporting the victim had to be airlifted to the hospital, Boebert said it was her husband who drove the injured party to get medical help. American Muckrakers asserts she begged witnesses not to say anything.

The congresswoman responded that it was a “very, very large group” and there would have had to be a lot of begging to stay silent.

This is research and fact-checking that would make the National Enquirer blush. It is difficult for public figures to win in court against even the most clearly false claims, but in Boebert’s case it is something to hope for.