Bolsonaro Rejects WHO Treaty

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro flatly rejected Brazil joining the World Health Organization’s (WHO) pandemic treaty saying that his country would not give up its sovereignty. The treaty would grant powers to the WHO in future pandemics where it would act as a central authority that would determine the path for countries to take to mitigate any outbreak.

Klaus Schwab has stated that countries need to give up their sovereignty as stakeholders in a larger community. Bolsonaro’s no vote directly contravenes this stakeholder capitalism plan.

One of the reasons countries may want to hold onto their own power to battle pandemics is the WHO’s abysmal track record and the oversize influence China has on the organization. The WHO has been criticized for dragging its feet on declaring an emergency and continually moving the goalposts on its recommended responses.

The United States for its part seems on board with the treaty. President Joe Biden sent amendments to the existing treaty empowering the WHO and giving up U.S. sovereignty in the process. This move is consistent with Biden’s globalist view on pandemic response and climate change. Unlike Bolsonaro, Biden does not trust that the US can be a leader carving out its own path.

Biden’s international bias is in direct conflict with what the founders intended. Beyond the fact that he is circumventing congress by amending an existing treaty, the administration is attempting to take power away from the states. Idaho needs a different response to COVID than New York. Federalism allows the states to be laboratories for different approaches, rather than betting everything on one top-down approach.

For the moment, it looks like federalism will continue to rule the day. President Biden’s amendments were not adopted by the WHO. But do not expect the Biden administration to give up on its globalist agenda. There is still time left in the amendment period.

The American people are more in alignment with Brazil’s President Bolsonaro than their own president.