Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz Goes Off On Joe Biden About Border Crisis

Border Patrol Agents aren’t only dealing with border crossings, but according to the new Border Patrol Chief, Raul Ortiz, many are forced to stay out of work due to Covid-19. Ortiz said that 300-400 border patrol agents are out every day after testing positive for Covid-19.

Ortiz said to ABC News, “So, I think with any transition, there’s always going to be a few dynamics associated with that transition where people are trying to get to know each other and trying to get to know the mission and trying to make any changes or adjustments.” So, Ortiz says that when President Joe Biden’s administration took charge, nobody knew what to expect, and no direct vision or orders were given.

With the Border Patrol trying to mitigate the risk of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants crossing the border, leadership is vital in finding a path forward. Vice President Kamala Harris has been glaringly absent when she needs to be present more than ever. Maybe campaigning for Governor Gavin Newsom is more important than taking care of our country. Newsom is done, and she needs to leave it alone or fall with him.

Acting Commissioner Troy Miller said of Ortiz, “I am confident he will lead with ‘honor first,’ securing our borders and enforcing the laws of this nation with humanity.”

Dealing with a human being in desperation isn’t an easy task, especially when, at the same time, you have a lack of leadership in the federal government. You can only fall back on what you know will work. Border Patrol agents haven’t only been dealing with detaining illegal immigrants, and they’ve been saving them as well. Dehydration and injury are at an all-time high at the border in a lot of different ways. Sexual assault falls from cliffs and heat injury are all very dangerous but a reality that Border Patrol must mitigate.

Border Patrol isn’t only seeing Mexican immigrants but also people from all over the world. The grave reality is that our border is becoming a wormhole for terrorists to sneak through the border. It seems Biden and his administration are complacent with allowing that to happen.

Hopefully, the new Chief will bring his 29 years of experience and do his best to fix the border and not allow the federal government to continue this mess.