Boris Johnson Threatens Post-Christmas Lockdowns, Hopefully Joe Biden Doesn’t Follow

Get ready for more post-Christmas lockdowns. United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that there may be more lockdowns after the Christmas holiday, which President Joe Biden is likely to follow. Biden’s a competitive president. That means he sees what others have done and will mirror it to the best of his ability, even if it’s illegal.

Omicron is fast spreading. That’s a fact. Is it more deadly than the other COVID-19 strains? Not. Vox reported, “South Africa has reported far fewer hospitalizations from omicron compared to previous waves, but the UK is amid a sharp rise in hospitalizations, about 30 percent higher week over week.”

That doesn’t mean severe cases or any deaths were resulting in hospitalizations. That likely means that people are concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic and overreact. That doesn’t necessarily mean every case is an overreaction, but that means that healthcare is better in the UK, and hospital care is much more readily available.

The Netherlands just shut down as well. Only essential businesses are allowed to be open. The lockdown includes restaurants, hairdressers, gyms, museums, and other businesses and public places. The lockdown is supposed to last until at least January 14th, 2022.

The Dutch Association for Hospitality Services said, “Closing all bars and restaurants in such an important month is incredibly painful and dramatic. We need compensation and an exit strategy.”

The government’s job is to make up for the government’s income causing a person to lose. There should be no question about that. The government isn’t the mob. There are regulations and legality that they have to follow. Another point of view is the Constitutionality of lockdowns in the United States.

Necessary measures can be taken, but shutting down business is not the way to do this. What we learned from 2020 is that when the government shuts down businesses, the COVID-19 virus spreads anyway.

The best thing that could happen out of the COVID-19 omicron variant is for it to come and go. The COVID-19 vaccine is readily available, and there’s nothing stopping someone from getting it. That alone should open up every business and remove every mask mandate that the government has put in place. With a rise in monoclonal antibody treatments and other forms of therapeutics to combat COVID-19, we’re in a good place to leave the worry behind and live our lives as we did before.