Brian Stelter Makes A Comment About ‘Leaving Kids Alone’ In Terms Of COVID-19

Brian Stelter is kind of like Biff from Back to the Future. Not the Biff that bullies people, the Biff that’s buffing the car. Stelter is CNN’s Biff. It’s evident with his weak persona and quirky antics like filming himself without pants. It’s weird.

Every democrat is trying to get in the “cool guys club” as if we didn’t notice them when former President Donald Trump was in office. Stelter needs a history book full of his tweets.

He said, “With this inevitability about more and more cases, what’s the better metric to be using?”

Stelter said just in August, “It is, as many public health professionals continue to warn, a ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated,’ and news coverage must reflect that. For example, word cases no longer imply the same thing they did a year ago. Because a breakthrough case is when you’re vaccinated, when you’re infected and vaccinated, it’s very, very different from an unvaccinated case.”

Stelter is becoming more rational thinking, and more media personalities should be doing the same. He isn’t out of the tough weeds yet, but he did say something very reasonable.

“We took action as a group to safeguard the elderly from COVID. Shouldn’t we do more to protect children by allowing them to enjoy regular lives? Are we going to make things worse for the kids? Are the facts about COVID reaching the individuals who need to hear them?”

There are a couple of things here.

Which person, people, or governmental body protected the elderly? Former Governor Andrew Cuomo and several other governors sent COVID-19 patients to nursing homes, where many older people died.

Also, the exciting part about the statement is it comes after several CNN staffers have been accused of lewd, inappropriate behavior with children. Is Stelter their fall guy for the protection of children? It seems way too convenient to be coincidental.

The facts of COVID-19 are readily available to everyone. The CDC reported that 655 people from 0-17 have died from COVID-19 since the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s not just in 2021, but the entire pandemic.

When you consider getting a child vaccinated, you must weigh the risk versus reward. You have to do the same with the COVID-19 virus, but it’s also important to note that with such a low risk of death, is the vaccine and possible short-term, long-term, or permanent side effects worth the risk?

Some people benefit from the COVID-19 of any age. Comorbidity factors are a huge factor to consider that the vaccine could save a life, but the choice is yours, and your child can’t make that decision. It’s on the parent to make the right choice for their child.

As far as Stelter goes, expect the Democrat push back to throw him right back in line and watch as Biff comes running back to his CNN daddy for more orders.