Buttigieg Aims To Use Tucker Carlson Flap To Spotlight Paternity Leave

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is a savage. It’s not a good idea to go into a battle with him, but Pete Buttigieg has just opened up a can that he may not be able to shut. Carlson got a good head start while Buttigieg was neglecting his duties as Secretary of Transportation, and now we’re behind on the supply chain issue.

Buttigieg said, “The negativity was unfortunate but, in a way, maybe some good comes out of it too because it’s helped us have a conversation about parental leave.” Yes, parents should both have parental leave, but Buttigieg fails to realize that Carlson was trolling him because of his position, not because he took leave.

There are some positions in the government where you can’t take your full leave because there are issues that need to be handled. Transportation during a supply chain crisis isn’t the time to take extended leave. Maternity and paternity leave have a 1-year window to use. The 12 weeks give anyone the ability to take the time that’s needed.

Buttigieg would spin this in those directions. President Joe Biden’s administration has a way of making every catastrophe a good thing. It means progress. But, does it? When Americans run out of food and have been fired for not getting a vaccine they might not need, they will not see a “thriving” economy. They’re going to see a failed government who pushed America into a socialist “utopia” that Biden wants to see. It is all about seizing the means of production and taking Americans’ liberties away. It’s not about safety or health.

When Buttigieg was on The View, he said, “Culturally, we do have to get across the idea that this is work. My workday as secretary of Transportation starts at a relatively normal hour. My workday as a job starts around three in the morning.”

Oh, yes. Buttigieg is complaining about the hours of being a parent. Those hours are typical for any parent, and Buttigieg isn’t in a superior position just because he’s on a television show or in the government. There’s no excuse for Buttigieg’s poor performance.

Democrats are pushing for paid maternity leave to be included in the massive trillions of dollars of spending bills, and they’ll indeed spin it toward a lack of compassion for any Democrat or Republican who opposes the bill. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) aren’t on board with the massive spending. It’s a setup to turn Democrats against them and pressure them into passing the bills. If maternity and paternity leave were separate issues, there would likely be overwhelming support from both parties to pass it. But, politically, the bills include much more than that. The United States has turned into a country where it’s either everything or nothing, and we’re on a dangerous path.