Buttigieg ‘Resurfaces’ To Tell Americans That There Will Be ‘Zero Vehicle Crashes’

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg is back and better, or whatever he is than ever! After the infrastructure bill was passed, everyone expected Buttigieg to tuck tail and run.

Construction has caused traffic jams for years, depending on how invasive road updates drive severe issues, especially in major metropolitan areas. Buttigieg is back to talking about building roads to get the old racist ones out of here. Good for him, right? Fighting injustice by tearing up old decrepit racist asphalt and placing new woke asphalt down. Take that and apply it to the presidency, and we’re in business.

Buttigieg’s goal is to make sure nobody dies on roadways. That doesn’t sound like a bad idea, but what follows is sure to be federal overreach and freedoms taken from Americans in exchange for safety. There’s no other way to accomplish this without it. Responsibility and individual liberty are the only way forward. Remember, it’s dangerous to walk out on your front porch, much less drive. You take your own risk into your own hands. The government can stay out of it.

Buttigieg said, “Our goal is zero deaths, a country where one day nobody has to say goodbye to a loved one because of a traffic crash. I understand the scale of the challenge and the ambition represented by that goal.”

Was the first thought of the federal government not to try to cure cancer or heart disease? You’re looking at over 1.3 million people who die of both combined each year. It’s the leading cause of death above COVID-19 if the COVID numbers are accurate and would be taxpayer money well spent.

One Twitter user suggested, “Just lower the speed limit to 10 mph.”

If that’s all it would take, then there’s no way the federal government wouldn’t do that. Plus, the state and local governments would get a lot of money off speeding tickets. Guaranteed payments from the American people.

Buttigieg doesn’t think this will happen within his time as Secretary of Transportation, and it’s not. As a government, it’s not tenable to control a population to perfection, which should never be the goal. An authoritarian takeover of vehicles has already begun with the alcohol sensors that are supposed to be going in vehicles and many other things that the federal government just passed into law.

Buttigieg comes out of the woodwork when new things are going to happen. Is this about Build Back Better or something else?