California’s Desert Towns Are Struggling To Survive As Violent, Illegal Drug Cartels Take Control

What’s happening on the southern border of the United States is what you could expect. Massive chaos that’s highly unregulated because Border Patrol officers are leashed in their ability to stop the vast waves of illegal aliens that are coming across the border. Though voters may have been turned off by former President Donald Trump’s border policy, it worked.

Instead of looking deeper into the United States for problems or at the border facilities, you need to take a closer look at the towns around the border and the impact of President Joe Biden’s administration’s lack of action.

Jorge Ventura has been covering much of the border situation and even crossing into Mexico to speak to some of the migrants from Haiti.

Ventura teamed up with Daily Caller to create a documentary that shows the work of drug cartels and criminal organizations that have infiltrated Southern California’s small desert towns to set up drug operations and human trafficking rings.

It should go without saying that when cartels go unchecked, violence and migrant slave labor follows. When the left paints pictures of the southern border, they do so with a broad brush of humanitarian efforts to bring migrants from their horrible living conditions in their home country. Still, there’s always a flip side to humanitarian action.

Border Patrol has said that 557 immigrants have died just on the US-Mexico border they know of, and thousands more are found in critical condition or need immediate medical attention. Children are brought into the U.S. by strangers and left to fend for themselves as coyotes collect their fees for obtaining the children across the border. Physical assault is a massive part of human smuggling operations, and it essentially goes unchecked. There’s no telling how many more have died in Mexico or the desert and haven’t been found yet.

In the short clip that promotes the documentary of the cartel activity, Ventura is inside of a marijuana grow bust that the local Sheriff’s office is seizing.

Ventura said, “We are starting to see these cartels shoot at American citizens. The homicide rate is climbing up. They’re finding bodies that are shot and killed connected to this illegal marijuana growth.”

The illegal aliens have primarily been allowed to conduct themselves with leftist border policies in California and now across the entire border. Lives can be saved if the Biden administration would wake up to the destruction that’s being created that could have been avoided. It’s a choice, and the choice lands directly on Biden’s shoulders.

It is the other side of the border crisis that rarely gets reported. It’s bloody, messy, and full of criminal activity that grows by the day. It’s spreading across the country as police are defunded and demonized, and Democrats push for a more socialized government. The southern border shouldn’t be a partisan issue, and it should be a human rights issue.