Canadian House Speaker Accused Of Planning To Remove Conservative Leader

The Canadian House of Commons Speaker, Greg Fergus, is facing accusations from Conservative Member of Parliament Michael Cooper, who alleges that Fergus had premeditatedly planned to eject Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre from Question Period.

In an exclusive interview with The Post Millennial, Cooper expressed his outrage over the incident, stating that he believes Fergus had already decided to remove Poilievre from the House before the actual moment occurred. Cooper asserted that the timing of Poilievre’s ejection was linked to the pressure the Liberals were facing regarding their drug decriminalization policies in British Columbia, which have led to a surge in overdose deaths.

Cooper told the outlet that he believed “that it was planned before Pierre Poilievere had even stood in the House of Commons. In the lead up to question period the Liberals were feeling the heat about, frankly, wacko decriminalization of hard drugs policy in British Columbia, that has led to a record 2,500 overdose deaths.”

According to Cooper, Fergus seized upon Poilievre’s use of the term “wacko,” a term frequently employed in parliamentary debates, as a pretext to silence the leader of the opposition. Cooper criticized this action as an affront to democracy and accused Fergus of being partisan in his role as Speaker.

Furthermore, Cooper highlighted past instances where he felt Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had employed authoritarian tactics to silence dissent, such as freezing bank accounts during the Freedom Convoy protest and invoking the Emergencies Act. He argued that Trudeau’s actions, along with Fergus’s handling of Poilievre’s ejection, demonstrate a pattern of silencing critics within the government.

Cooper emphasized the importance of holding the government accountable for its policies, particularly concerning drug decriminalization, which he described as having disastrous consequences in British Columbia. He warned against Trudeau’s proposed Online Harms Act, which he pointed out was an attempt to stifle free speech and exert control over dissenting voices online.

In response to these concerns, Cooper affirmed that the Conservative opposition would vigorously oppose the Online Harms Act and continue to hold the government accountable for its actions. He called for Trudeau to call an election so that Canadians could have the opportunity to choose a new government.

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