Canadian Truckers Are Showing Americans How To ‘Unify’ Support And ‘Reject’ Tyranny

America rests on a moral structure that is holding the system together. Politicians, media bandits, and corrupt academics destroy this nation’s foundation. Propaganda and media distortion are pervasive and altering the political landscape. The electoral effects are challenging to miss.

However, people pursuing the Great Reset take an underhanded approach to convincing society to go along. American principles are given no consideration. They use the labels racist, insurrectionist, and misinformation disseminator to shut down opposition and create a climate of monitoring, control, and self-censorship.

Many Americans do not like being controlled, but large segments of the population want to be ruled. It is the dividing line in our nation: the line between freedom and oppression. The dissatisfaction level can become horrendous.

Every part of society is reeling, and with COVID cultists pushing medical and intellectual discrimination, this country may spiral out of control. It leaves the individuals who buy into the cult of Fauci panicked and afraid. Over half of this nation lives in dread. They do not care about the evil impacts of their vaccine mandates and immunization shots.

Young men are dying of cardiac arrest. Women of childbearing age have unexplained missed carriages. Insurance death rates are up. Life spans are moving down. The enormous rise in unexplained death does not bother the CDC and Pfizer. Big Pharma must have known about blood clotting, but they did nothing, produced no research, and exposed as little data as possible. Not to mention every statement and release was shaded and twisted.

Liberal media agents attempt to control us with the same vigor as Chinese and North Korean communist police states. These fools claim the planet is warming to promote net-zero energy emission and tank the western world’s economy, while China and other nations are exempt. But no significant scientific proof exists of those who fly around on private luxury planes. Instead, they harp on computer models that are routinely altered.

The Biden-Harris maladministration is a joke. The sock puppet anti-Presidential is senile, corrupt, and incompetent. The White House is run by the Democrat machine masking their actions with a fatigued dunce as their fall guy. The Russian conflict is being used to divert us from Congress’s foreign policy disasters and liars. Supreme Court justices are being used as political pawns. The Department of Justice keeps political detainees in miserable cells for crimes that typically get a slap on the wrist, mainly performed by the protected classes of BLM and Antifa rioters.

January 6 has become the rallying cry of the ill-informed sycophants’ attempts to construct a narrative that keeps conservatives home. The Canadian Freedom Convoy trucker protest proves that blue-collar Americans can fight back in a peaceful but decisive way and lie to Democrat posture. They never cared about the little guy. They wanted to crush the American middle class. But we can stop them today.