Canceled Raiders Coach Called Biden ‘A Nervous Clueless P****’ In An Email

Former Raiders coach Jon Gruden was fired for emails that were years old. It shows why canceling culture is a problem. It didn’t matter when it was. If there are any discrepancies in your past, you’re done. Even the most private things, such as email, will get you canceled or fired.

In the emails by Gruden, the funniest of them include an email that called President Joe Biden “a nervous clueless p****.”

Football fans haven’t been very kind to Biden recently with their “f*** Joe Biden” chants, and it shows how ridiculous the social justice campaigns were in the 2020 football season.

The fact is, the emails weren’t fireable and barely offensive. Gruden used a discriminatory term about another team signing a gay player and called another unknown player a “thug.”

Depending on the reference of “thug,” it could fit several players who commit acts of violence outside of their professional football team. Domestic violence, assault, murder, physical abuse, dog fighting, and other forms of “thuggery” have been displayed by many players in the past who have been charged with crimes and were allowed to keep their job. That wouldn’t necessarily be related to the public realm of employment and should be noted. What kind of role model does that make these players? Maybe it was time for someone to call one of them a thug.

Kids look up to these players, not necessarily the coaches. More egregious acts have been committed by players than was ever committed by the coach making this headline story somewhat monotonous. It’s crazy to look at it from that perspective and see these media networks blow this story up and ignore the other ones.

In another email, Gruden talks about the players kneeling as a problem and that 10% of the players are problems. For ratings and monetary value, the players were a problem. The attention it got and the number of viewers the National Football League lost cost the company a lot.

One more email in question was an ESPN reporter who sent a story draft to Gruden to see if anything needed to be added, edited, or tweaked. That’s hardly news as it should be the regular duty of journalists to communicate prominent stories such as the story the ESPN reporter was writing. It may be uncommon, but it isn’t out of the question if you respect your source.

It’s just good to see someone rebuke Biden. Unfortunately, Gruden isn’t a coach anymore, but thankfully someone said it.

Steven Crowder, who runs the Louder with Crowder YouTube channel and website, assessed that more harsh language is used in the locker room, and he’s right. There’s nothing the emails said that is so far out that Gruden should resign. It’s ridiculous to even think about quitting.

The most offensive phrase in the emails was Gruden saying that Roger Goodell, the league’s commissioner, was a “faggot” and “clueless anti-football p****” and saying that the NFL shouldn’t draft “queers.” Other than that, the emails about Biden were pretty accurate.