CBS Host Margaret Brennan, JD Vance Spar Over Trump’s Debate Responses

CBS host Margaret Brennan and Republican Ohio Senator JD Vance engaged in a heated exchange on Sunday over former President Donald Trump’s debate performance. Vance appeared on “Face the Nation” to discuss Trump’s head-to-head debate with President Joe Biden, which took place on Thursday evening.

Brennan began the discussion by questioning two of Trump’s responses regarding abortion and January 6, suggesting that Trump had made false claims. She asked Vance why Trump would need to resort to making such claims if his platform was strong. Vance countered by accusing the media of running interference to protect Biden and the Democrats.

Vance argued that Nancy Pelosi had admitted on camera that she could have requested more National Guard troops for the Capitol on January 6, implying that she bore some responsibility for the lack of security. He also claimed that Democratic governors and lawmakers have tried to pass laws to legalize abortion up until the moment of birth.

Furthermore, he criticized the media for not fact-checking Biden’s statements during the debate, accusing them of a biased approach.

Brennan interrupted, saying that she had lost track of the conversation and refocusing the discussion back on Trump. She mentioned that Chris Miller, former acting Secretary of Defense, stated that Trump had never ordered 10,000 troops to be sent to the Capitol on January 6.

Vance persisted, emphasizing that Pelosi had acknowledged her role in the lack of National Guard presence and that the Speaker of the House has significant influence over Capitol security. He also highlighted Biden’s claim that no troops died on his watch, pointing out the 13 American service members who died during the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Vance accused the media of ignoring Biden’s false statements, stating that the media’s lack of scrutiny was because Trump performed better in the debate. He claimed that the American people could see the stark contrast between Trump’s energy and command of the facts and Biden’s apparent inability to perform the duties of president.

The debate over the media’s role in covering the presidential debate continues, with newly released HBO footage showing former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi taking responsibility for not having better preparations on January 6. A 2022 Senate report revealed that both the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security had prior information suggesting potential chaos at the Capitol but failed to act.

Following the debate, some Democratic pundits have begun questioning Biden’s suitability as the Democratic nominee. A CBS/YouGov poll conducted after the debate revealed that 72% of voters believe Biden lacks the mental and cognitive health for a second term, while 47% felt that Trump presented his ideas clearly during the debate, compared to 27% for Biden.

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