CBS News Says Taliban Got Strength From Climate Change

As reported by Twitchy, It’s not a Babylon Bee headline, and it is actually from CBS News on August 20: “How climate change helped strengthen the Taliban.”

The entire world is focused on the crisis in Afghanistan due to the Taliban’s overthrow of the country’s civil administration and military forces. The country fell almost immediately upon the withdrawal of U.S. forces by the Biden administration.

The White House has been chastised for the bungled mission that arose from the Trump administration’s decision to end U.S. military operations in the Middle East after two decades.

CBS News stepped up in Joe Biden’s time of need with an article claiming with a straight face that it was climate change that helped put the Taliban over the top.

The article claims that the last three decades have left the Afghan people hungry because of floods, drought, and destroyed crops. The claim is that agriculture has been complex and that worked to benefit the Taliban.

The following cloud along the article’s logical trip through the heavens is the claim that when farming is not profitable, Afgan farmers must borrow money. Climbing the next step is that the farmers often cannot repay their loans, which leads them to seek a Taliban bailout.

The next jump is claiming that the Taliban uses their position as a last resort lender to recruit supporters. Alternatively, the Taliban allegedly can pay farmers to quit farming and join their ranks.

Social media has been actively poking fun at the familiar attempt to shoehorn climate change into the equation for explaining every problem the world faces.

CBS News appears to be expecting an unsuspecting public to think that climate change has turned Afghanistan from the Middle East’s garden paradise into nothing more than an opium poppy plantation almost overnight.